Are you looking for inspiring ways to Entertain the kids on Holiday?

You’ve come away on holiday, and you’ve accidently brought the kids with you? It’s a position we all find ourselves in at one time or another – and while we joke about leaving them at home with enough food in the fridge to last a week, mark my words, the years that they actually want to come on holiday with you are all too quickly gone and you’ll turn round and it’ll be the kids saying, we’ve come on holiday and accidently brought the parents with us!

So here are our pick of 6 ways to entertain the kids on holiday. Picked to help you make the most of the holidays with the kids while they are around. Because we all know the sun always shines on Carbis Bay we have chosen mostly outdoor and beach based activities… not all of these activities require sunny weather to be enjoyable, they just require sea, sand, imagination and energy!

  1. Dig a hole – we are staring with the basics – boy’s or girl’s love this one and it really is as simple as it sounds… dig a hole, you don’t even need a spade. This is awesome and the best thing with a hole is you can fill it in and do it all over again! If you want to get creative with it, boats, cars and even houses can be created out of some skilfully manipulated west country beach.
  1. Build a sand castle… the exact opposite to number one, instead of a hole, you build a mound. Surprisingly satisfying and will keep the kids occupied throughout the whole day with the need to tend and upgrade parts of it. If you find you have some skills there is always a local sand castle building competition for you to test your metal against other construction teams. And if you want some inspiration here you go… 10 coolest Sandcastle competitions in the world.
  1. Kids Clubs – for a couple hours peace and quiet in the morning you could have a look for a local kids club. Most beaches have a version of this and some, like the United Beach Mission are even free! We have a Kids Club that runs on Monday Wednesday and Friday. It runs pretty much, whatever the weather and we aim to get the kids into the sea, or exploring the rocky coastline around Carbis Bay. The activities are always fun and educational along with a bit of beach safety based on the RNLI Respect the Sea guidelines.
  1. Get them some lessons…. Make the most of your holiday and learn a new skill – well, get the kids to learn a new skill! Join the latest ocean craze and learn to walk on water! Stand-Up-Paddleboarding is currently the fastest growing watersport in the world with centres and competitions springing up everywhere. Here at the Ocean Sports Centre we have been at the leading edge of SUP (stand-up-paddleboarding) for 10 years and our ASI Accredited lessons are the best in the country. Once you have done the SUP thing, you could try surfing – we are blessed in Cornwall, and have the best surfing beaches in the country with an abundance of surf schools all lined up to take you surfing.
  1. Rock Pooling – perhaps one of the simplest and most pleasurable experiences at the beach. There is simply nothing that gets kids quite as excited as discovering wildlife in its natural habitat. Wikipedia has a long list of things you can find in the rock pools around our shores and at low tide we have miles of rock pool filled shore line you can walk around. The best thing about this is it is not too weather dependant and time flies!
  1. And if all else fails you can get yourself and bat and ball… simple game no rules other than hit the ball as hard as you can! However, if you are going to buy a set, get a wooden one that can be put away and brought out again next year!
Beach time with children