What a summer, from the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK to torrential rain leading to dams almost bursting and winds that have litrally blown us away! In a fortunate twist of events, we missed out on the worst of the torrential rain, and while most of the UK had a mixed time of it this year we seemed to be bathed in sunshine in between and sometimes during the winds.

The Carbis Bay Estates’ mammoth building project that has dominated our views for the past couple of years has almost reached completion. In what has perhaps been the biggest transformation in the past 50 years, the Carbis Bay Estate has spilled luxury apartements and a wedding venue to die for, right down onto the beach.

As for the Ocean Sports centreOcean Sports Centre, we’ve made some changes of our own, reconfiguring the center to include a fully indoor training facility and finally getting a proper changing room with hooks and everything! This in preperation for the winter and an expanded programme of winter activities which we will be hosting down at the center.

So we will sign off here with a little good luck to the Outrigger Canoe crews who are this weekend making their way up to Hayling Island for the final of the UK outrigger championship series – a series we have a very real chance of winning! And a video of last winter’s outrigger training.

We will be running outrigger club throughout the winter along with all our other clubs and clinic’s. If you are interested in joining us please either fill out the form on the contact page or email glenn@oceansportuk.com for club days and times.