Foiling – Learn the Art of Flying

If you have seen any of the Youtube clips or social media videos of guys pumping around on flat water or hooking into waves you will already know that hydrofoils have redefined what we considered to be a rideable wave allowing us to go farther out to sea and ride open ocean swells for miles at a time. The Ocean Sports Centre has developed a progressive foiling programme from one off taster sessions, to surf foiling, tow foiling and soon Jet Ski Assist Downwind.

Foiling Taster Sessions

First things first, our taster session is a fun ‘how to’, session towed behind our specialised SeaDoo Wake Pro Jet Ski, giving you the basics of how to take off & ride a foil all within the safety of Carbis Bay.

Our foiling taster session can be just that, a one off session for those keen to see what all of the Youtube hype is all about – or it can be used as your first step into an aeronautical adventure you will never look back on.

We have been foiling and delivering bespoke sessions for nearly five years and have fine tuned how best to take off and importantly, land safely. The first part of the session deals with flight, launch and take off procedures, water safety and signals while the major part of the session is out on the water.

While it is not mandatory it is beneficial that those who want to sign up for this amazing experience has had some form of water sports background or board sports.

If you want to take your foiling to the next level we have surf tow foiling and Jet Ski Assist Downwind sessions available – take a look below.

Because of the nature of the activity we have a minimum age of 16+. 

Ocean Sports Centre

Foiling Taster Session

Our Foiling Taster Sessions are a fun introduction to the exhilarating sport of foiling. The taster session is carried out behind our specialised SeeDoo Wake Pro Jet ski, where you will be taught how to take off, turn and glide effortlessly above the surface of the water.

Taster sessions will last between two and two and half hours. All the kit will be supplied and we of a range of boards & foils to suit all abilities.

Number   per person

1                £90

2               £70

Surf Foiling Taster Session

This can be a stand alone taster or provides the basic training required to start tow foiling in more advanced conditions.

This tow session aims to teach you how to surf foil first and foremost – it also delivers the skills needed to take on the challenge of riding waves safely, being towed into a surf zone, jet ski pick ups, how to be towed onto a wave and the types of basic release manoeuvres used and safety procedures.

These sessions are available to those who have either completed our tow foil taster session and have continued to foil at a reasonable level or foilers who have a sound level of foiling experience either in waves or wing foiling.

Once complete you then have the basic training required to take your surf tow foiling further with us.

Number   per person

1                £90

2               £70

These are specialist sessions which must be booked in advance over the phone. Please call Glenn on 07533695031

Advanced Surf Foiling & Jet Ski Assist Downwind

Advanced Tow Surf

The raw speed and unique position you find yourself on the wave face is like nothing else – if you think you done it all in foiling this is the next level.

These sessions are available for those who have completed our basic tow training and can be booked as a tow team of two or as an individual. Depending upon experience we take riders out in knee to waist high waves all the way through to overhead. We can add you to our group alert system – when tides and conditions are looking promising we give you the heads up of when and where we will be and you simply book your slot.

Get your mates involved and it comes even cheaper; much cheaper than buying and keeping your own jet ski! You simply have to rock up and we do the rest.

Two hour sessions (approx)

Jet Ski Assist Downwind

This is the ultimate in foiling experience when rides can go on for half an hour or more. Drop you car at the finish point, we drive you to our up wind location, jump on the ski and hold on for the ride of your life – definitely a leg burner and definitely one that will take your foiling to the next level.

Use your own kit, prone foil boards with a bigger wing set up work well – obviously depending upon how good your pump game is.

Just as with the Advanced Tow Surf, we add you to our ever growing group, outline when conditions are likely to be good and where; its up to you call and book. Multiple runs can be made on the same day.

Number   per person

1                £90

2               £60

These are specialist sessions which must be booked in advance over the phone. Please call Glenn on 07533695031

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