St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup 2018

The Celtic Cup 2018!

Full on action in Double Ski, OC; SUP and Prone boards selection for the ISA World & European Champs

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Event Overview

  • One day race format Ski, SUP, Prone paddle boards & OC  – May 19th (long course & technical course)
  • ISA European & World Championship Qualifier (SUP & Prone)
  • Open Cruiser Class
  • Double Ski National Championships
  • Outrigger V6, OC1 & OC2

Event Theme

The Ocean Sports Centre at Carbis Bay at the heart of ocean paddle sports in the UK, with our recently updated facility right on the beach.

Our original goal is to provide an imaginative and inclusive event that will show cases a variety of paddle sports providing a point of access to a broader participation base in the sport we all love.This year however, we have had to scale the event back a little, putting the Ultimate Paddler and family focus fun on hold until 2019 with its own specific event. The Celtic Cup will be a national team selection event in Stand Up Paddle and prone paddle board for the 2018 European & World Championships as well as being the National championships for the Double skis as part of GB Ocean ski.

We will also include an open cruiser class for boards up to 12’6 either hard or inflatable. The cruiser class is a none competitive challenge event where developing paddlers can challenge their skills out on the ocean with like minded paddlers in a fun and importantly safe way.

Event Overview

Event Format:

Following on from the success of the 2017 course 2018 will follow exactly the same route. This one day event will be split into long course and technical (short course) distances for all craft. Technical will be held in the morning and distance early evening (timings below). We are immensely proud that we are able to bring together the best in ocean paddle sports. Integrating such a wide variety of craft is no easy feat, particularly when trying to squeeze a race into an already hectic race calendar; more so when tides are pivotal in hosting one of the most exciting race events in the UK. Rather than spread the event over two days we feel that a one day format benefits more paddlers and not only enables better travel logistics on the day but also gives the opportunity to enjoy Carbis Bay and St’Ives after the event or, perhaps join in with another paddle! By doing so however, we have had to move the distance event later in the day in order to be able to surf the poles. As with previous years we will only surf the poles provided conditions are safe for the majority of the field and are suitable for a qualification event. All V6 outrigger crews should contact me directly regarding beach access and rigging options prior to the event. Email: Mobile: 07533695031

Event Distances:

The technical will be the first event of the day with all craft categories starting at 12 O’Clock midday and will be approximately 4-5km (15-20 minutes). To enable sufficient tide to ‘shoot the poles’ distance races for all paddle disciplines will start at 7:00pm leaving in waves separated by one minute (Ski, SUP, Outrigger and Prone) and will be approximately 14km.

Craft spec:

Outrigger Canoe’s V6, OC1 & 2

SUP’s will contest on either 12’6 or 14ft category – only those competing on 14ft boards will be eligible for worlds team selection.

Cruiser class will comprise hard board and inflatable divisions with board lengths up to 12’6 – following the ethos of this event its focus about trying something new, testing developing skills and sharing the experience with others safely. As such the event is a challenge event, paddling around the ‘inside’ course (7km) is what makes everyone a winner who participates.


Prone paddle boards will similarly contest either 12ft or 10’6 (surf life saving) board lengths. Only those competing in the 12ft board class will be eligible for worlds team selection.

Double Ski:

This race is classified as being a national championships in Double ski and will comprise distance (14km)  and short course 2km) events; while Single skis (ocean and spec – surf life saving) are welcome to participate in the event, the focus will be on doubles.


There will be an inside and outside course – only those completing the ‘outside’ course will be eligible for team selection criteria (SUP & Prone) or National title (double ski).  The ‘Outside’ course will take paddlers around the ‘Island’ turning at Clodgey point; rounding the ‘Island’ for a second time paddlers will then head toward the ‘poles’ to ride waves along the estuary.  This is a challenging course for any paddler therefore, only the Elite and Open Categories will be eligible to race this course.

Younger age categories or those with developing experience will complete the ‘Inside’ course where they will remain within the relatively calmer waters of the Bay and will not negotiate breaking waves.

To Surf or not to Surf…?

While the poles offer a unique opportunity to ride waves for over 200 metres this area of the Hayle estuary can be a treacherous place and only for the experienced – conditions on the day will determine if the the full ‘outside’ course will race in this area. This will be confirmed at the race briefing.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees:

Two for the price of one. Competitor entry fees are inclusive of both distance and technical (short course) – paddlers wishing only to compete in one distance must opt out.

Age Categories:

We have attempted to simplify categorisation of paddlers simply because we feel that by having a category nearly everyone ended up winning making it difficult to establish how well a person had actually done. We have split our age groups across all craft into three broad categories, under 21yrs, Open (all age groups) or Masters (over 45).

Those wishing to be eligible for team selection or want to win a national title, irrelevant of age, you must be entered into the Open category.

Category                                                                         Entry

    • Open (all craft inc. female & male)                                                 £35
    • Double Ski  & OC2                                                                              £35 per person
    • V6                                                                                                           £20 per person
    • Under 21yrs* (all craft inc. female & male)                                    £20

*Under 21yrs age group has a minimum age of 16yrs at the time of racing

How to Book:

Simply click on the big Red button below, first select the age category you wish to be entered into. Once selected you will be taken through the booking system and asked about your details and importantly which discipline you would like to compete in. For V6 Outrigger Canoe competitors the entry fee at checkout is the total cost for all six crew. Those competing in Double and OC2 will need pay for both paddlers at the time of booking by selecting the two person option.

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Saturday May 19TH 

  • 12:00pm Technical registration & heat draw
  • 12:30pm Race Briefing
  • 1:00pm Heats (all craft)
  • 2:00pm Semi-final (all craft)
  • 3:00pm Grand final Double Ski
  • 3:15 Grand final OC
  • 3:30pm Grand final prone board
  • 3:45pm Grand final SUP

Times for the technical event are provisional and are based upon numbers, if sufficient numbers allow, straight finals will be held. Technical Racing will be over a double ‘M’ shaped course for all boards and an inverse ‘L’ for all other craft using a heat, semi-final and Grand final format. Heats will be seeded from entrants of the previous distance race. The number of heats and how many go through will be dependent upon the number of people. Course length will be approximately 10 – 15 minutes in length. 

This is a selection event for SUP and prone to represent Team England at this years European Championships and ISA World championships .

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Distance race

  • 6:30pm Registration & Race Briefing
  •  7:00pm Race Start

Both the start and finish will be held on the beach at Carbis Bay. Ultimately the direction of travel around the course will be dictated by the prevailing wind conditions to maximise the longest down wind route.

To maximise impact, both the 14ft and 12’6” and prone paddle board classes will start together. Although, starting together on the beach the field will be segregated with the 12’6” and prone paddle board class initially aiming for a wider turn buoy 400m from the start ensuring minimal interaction between the differing length boards (see figure 3 below).

The Main Long Course Maps


Open (all craft) will start from Carbis Bay (bottom right) and head straight for  St’Ives Harbour rounding Porthminster point making their way toward St’Ives. Competitors will then make their way past the ‘Island’ toward Clodgy point (far left) turn and head for the ‘poles’!


After making the deep water turn around ‘Clodgy’ (far left) competitors will pass back round the ‘Island’ again and make the long down wind leg toward the ‘Poles’ (far right); a wave that breaks up to 200m+ down a tidal estuary. Competitors will turn and head back out without having to confront breaking waves and straight toward Carbis Bay Beach to finish.


Single and double ski competitors will follow the same starting procedure as the SUP paddlers. Open double/ single ski and 14ft competitors will start on the left side of the start line taking an inside line round the headland. 12’6 Open boards will start on the far right and will round a marker buoy before heading toward St’Ives harbour.


Paddlers using the inside course will follow the main field of competitors toward St’Ives harbour and turn around the same marker buoy (far left). Once around the turn paddlers will make their way back to the far left hand side of Carbis bay turning at Hawkes point (bottom right). The finish line will be in the middle of the beach.


If conditions are not suitable for the whole field paddlers will remain within the sheltered headlands of Carbis Bay and will complete two laps of the course.

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General Information


To view the Google map or use Google Street map to tour the area – click here

– Carbis Bay Hotel Beach Car Park:  A daily rate applies. Parking right next to the beach. Very busy during high season (Street map Link)

– Carbis Bay Branch Line Train Station Car Park – a small pay and display car park with a capacity of 20 cars close to the beach (Street map Link)

– Porthrepta Road Council Car Park – up a steep hill from the beach, room for 200 cars, pay and display. Charge applies (Street map Link)

– St Anta Church: On Porthrepta Road, during peak weeks, offers car parking for a small charge per day (Street map Link)




Road links are very good to St’Ives with several options to choose from generally routes from London will either take the slightly less direct motorway option via the M4 and M5 or the more scenic A303 taking you past Stonehenge and the stunning Dorset coastline – both options ultimately converge with the A30 (the main road into Cornwall) at Exeter. Travel time from London (288 miles) can take as little as 4hrs 34 min, airport routes listed above range from Brighton (5hrs 36 min), Cardiff (3hrs 54 min), Bristol (3hrs 30 min) Exeter (1hr 54 min) and Newquay (45 mins).


Departing London Paddington to Penzance – changes often occur at Reading, Exeter and Plymouth although, direct routes are available. Travel time is approximately 5 ½ hours with tickets ranging in price from £75 with an ‘early bird’ saver ticket. There are a number of websites which tickets can be booked through go; or

As a tourist destination St. Ives (including Carbis bay) has a huge selection of accommodation depend upon budget and preference ranging from the heart of the town to more secluded rural spots.


Carbis Bay Hotel (click here)

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In Carbis Bay

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For more information about accommodation or St. Ives try these two sites:

St. Ives Tourism Association (click here)

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