St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup Event Cancelation

It is with great regret that event organiser, Glenn Eldridge, has cancelled this years edition after an almost uninterrupted run of 14 years.

“This is not something that I have taken lightly nor made on the fly – I have wrestled with this for some time this year. After receiving devastating news relating to the health of a close family member I realise that it is at times like these refocusing upon life’s priorities are far more important – something over that past couple years has highlighted for many, the true value of our health”.

It is hoped that by making an early call rather than struggling on that competitors are able to make alternative arrangements with minimal financial cost for all of our ocean ski, sup and outrigger paddlers.

In terms of the GBSUP National Series event the team are working hard with an alternative event host to run the second of technical race series. Further announcements will be made shortly on this from the GBSUP team.

Similarly, the GB Ocean Ski group will make announcements regarding possible alternative events shortly.

“Once again, we sincerely apologies for the disruption this will have caused and that we hope that others can appreciate why we have made this very difficult decision – keep well everyone and get out side and paddle more”.


Entries will Open May 30th

We have an initial capacity of 250, across all divisions

It is importantly to remember that this is obviously based upon current COVID good practice. If government guidelines alter we will notify entrants immediately of any change.


Two day race format:

Saturday July 9th

  • Big Craft (OC 4 & V6) – long course & diamond pursuit

Sunday July 10th

  • Small Craft (SUP, Ski, Prone, OC1 & 2) – long course & technical course
  • Part of the National SUP Race Series
  • Ocean Ski GB Selection Race for 2021 European Championships

Please Pay Attention

  • Entry closes on June 29th
  • All entrants must have person insurance provided by their relevant sporting body e.g. GBSLS, BSUPA, ASI, WSA, GB Outrigger, BC
  • Acknowledgment of Risk Waivers MUST be completed BEFORE arriving – links are sent out after online entry


After the amazing Tropic like conditions in 2019 the 2020 was locked and loaded but we all know what happened next. Lockdown has taught many things, resilience being one – we are very proud that we will be able run this year and will be the first ocean race of the National series. If the number of enquires we have had so far is anything to go by combined with the conditions of 2019, its going to be a cracker.

Our goal is to provide an imaginative and inclusive event that will show case the sport we all love.


This two day event will incorporate Outrigger canoes, Stand Up Paddle boards, Prone paddle boards, Skis and OC1 & 2 in both technical (short course) and distance disciplines. The event will be split by craft type; Saturday will see the big boats hit the water in the morning fighting it out over the long course with fast and furious paddling later that day in the new 1500m diamond pursuit. Sunday with small craft (SUP, Ski, OC1 & 2 and Prone) plus, there will fun challenge races for developing paddlers and youngsters over a similar but shorter course.

All V6 outrigger crews MUST contact me directly regarding beach access and rigging options prior to the event. Email: Mobile: 07533695031


Both Days will follow the same format, distance events earlier in the morning and short course later in the afternoon.

Distance: this is categorised as being longer with fewer turns.

  • Outside course 14km for those with significant ocean experience
  • Inside course 7km for those developing or new to the sport looking to gain experience on the ocean in a safe and friendly environment*

Technical: this is categorised as short (no more than 2k or no longer than 20 minutes in duration*) ‘M’ shaped course with more frequent turns and short run transitions.

If you are uncertain of whether to enter either the more challenging ‘Outside Course’ or the more sheltered ‘Inside Course’ simply enter your discipline and we are happy for you to talk with us and decide on the day at registration.

*distances are approximate, final course will be dictated by conditions on the day

Diamond Pursuit: similar to indoor track cycling, head to head time trials starting and finishing in the same place, crews are eliminated until a Grand finale. Approximately 1500m.



  • V6
  • OC4
  • OC1 & OC2


  • Inflatable (up to and including 12’6)
  • N1SCO
  • Hard boards 12’6
  • Hard boards 14′

* this forms part of the GB SUP Series Tour

Challenge class will comprise hardboard and inflatable divisions with board lengths up to 12’6 – following the ethos of this event its focus about trying something new, testing developing skills and sharing the experience with others safely.


  • 10’6
  • 12′

* this forms part of the GB SUP Series Tour

Prone paddle boards can up to 12ft or 10’6 (surf life saving) board lengths.


  • Ocean Ski
  • Surf Life Saving Spec


Age categories for all craft will be the following:

  • Lighties 13 – 14 (SUP only, challenge fun race on the beach)
  • Junior 15 – 17 (only ski paddlers can complete the ‘inside course’ – SUP will remain within Carbis Bay beach)
  • Open 18 – 39
  • Masters 40 – 49
  • Vet 50+

An additional age category will be included for the GB National SUP Series of Grand Kahuna 60+. Challenge classes will be treated as a single age group.




Enter the distance race and be automatically entered into the technical event in SUP.


Enter one event in one craft and receive a discount when competing in a second on a different craft e.g. race OC1 & 2 or SUP with a second race in the V6.


  • Individual all craft – £35

(all age categories female & male excluding Junior)

  • Double Ski & OC2 – £35 per person
  • V6 & OC4 – £20 per person
  • Juniors (SUP inc. female & male) – £5 per person
  • Challenge (novice or with limited ocean experience) £10
  • Multi Craft Entry (SUP, OC & V6) – £45 (this option is for those competing on one craft on Saturday & V6 on Sunday)


Simply click on the big Red button below! Date is automatically selected as the 3rd, if you can’t see option to select an event scroll down a little and a drop down box will be visible. Decide which craft and course you would like to register for e.g. all single craft 14km outside course. Once selected you will be taken through the booking system and asked about your details and importantly which age group you would like to compete in. For V6 Outrigger Canoe competitors the entry fee at checkout is the total cost for all six crew.
Those competing in double ski and OC2 will need pay for both paddlers at the time of booking by selecting the two person option.

Event Details


V6 and OC4 will follow the same course route as competitors on Sunday, if conditions are not suitable the inside course, a more protected course (staying within St’Ives Bay) will be used. Both the inside and outside courses will start and finish on the beach at Carbis Bay (see route maps above). Ultimately the direction of travel around the course will be dictated by the prevailing wind conditions to maximise the longest down wind route.

  • 9:00am Registration
  • 9:45am Event briefing
  • 10:15am Race start (all small craft & categories)


Similar to indoor track cycling, head to head time trials starting and finishing in the same place, crews are eliminated until a Grand finale. Only two outrigger crews will compete at the same time; both will start and finish on the same line while travelling the same diamond shaped course in opposite directions. To avoid crews colliding the final apex turn will have two turn buoys separating boats sufficiently for the final run back to the beach. Approximate course distance 1500m.

  • 1:00pm Registration Race Briefing
  • 1:30pm Race Start
  • 3:00pm Presentation

Open (all craft) will start from Carbis Bay (bottom right) and head straight for  St’Ives Harbour rounding Porthminster point making their way toward St. Ives. Competitors will then make their way past the ‘Island’ toward Clodgy point (far left) turn and head for the estuary cardinal mark – no waves this year!

After making the deep water turn around ‘Clodgy’ (far left) competitors will pass back round the ‘Island’ again and make the long down wind leg toward the Hayle estuary Cardinal mark (far right). Competitors will turn and head back out without having to confront breaking waves and straight toward Carbis Bay Beach to finish.

Single and double ski competitors will follow the same starting procedure as the Outrigger paddlers.

Paddlers using the inside course will follow the main field of competitors toward St’Ives harbour and turn around the same marker buoy (far left). Once around the turn paddlers will make their way back to the far left hand side of Carbis bay turning at Hawkes point (bottom right). The finish line will be in the middle of the beach.

If conditions are not suitable for the whole field paddlers will remain within the sheltered headlands of Carbis Bay and will complete two laps of the course.



The main racing fleet for all craft will take on the longer (14km) ‘outside’ course while less experienced paddlers stay within the more protected St’Ives bay (7km). Later on in the afternoon will see paddlers take on the technical discipline, approximately 2 -3km (15-20 minutes), starting with Juniors at 2pm followed by One Design, Challenge and hard board 12’6, Prone 12ft and 14ft boards and finally skis – all categories except Juniors will run with separate female and male divisions or staggered starts if insufficient numbers are present.

  • 9:00am Registration
  • 9:45am Event briefing
  • 10:15am Distance Race start (all small craft & categories)
  • 1:00pm Technical registration
  • 2:30pm Race Briefing
  • 3:00pm Junior & Challenge
  • 3:45pm One Design
  • 4:30pm 12’6 hard boards
  • 5:00 Prone boards
  • 5:30pm 14′ hard boards
  • 6:30pm Presentation

Times for the technical event are provisional and are based upon numbers. Technical Racing will be over a double ‘M’ shaped course for all boards. Please see course maps below.

General Information


To view the Google map or use Google Street map to tour the area – click here

– Carbis Bay Hotel Beach Car Park:  A daily rate applies. Parking right next to the beach. Very busy during high season (Street map Link)

– Carbis Bay Branch Line Train Station Car Park – a small pay and display car park with a capacity of 20 cars close to the beach (Street map Link)

– Porthrepta Road Council Car Park – up a steep hill from the beach, room for 200 cars, pay and display. Charge applies (Street map Link)

– St Anta Church: On Porthrepta Road, during peak weeks, offers car parking for a small charge per day (Street map Link)


Road links are very good to St’Ives with several options to choose from generally routes from London will either take te slightly less direct motorway option via the M4 and M5 or the more scenic A303 taking you past Stonehenge and the stunning Dorset coastline – both options ultimately converge with the A30 (the main road into Cornwall) at Exeter. Travel time from London (288 miles) can take as little as 4hrs 34 min, airport routes listed above range from Brighton (5hrs 36 min), Cardiff (3hrs 54 min), Bristol (3hrs 30 min) Exeter (1hr 54 min) and Newquay (45 mins).


Departing London Paddington to Penzance – changes often occur at Reading, Exeter and Plymouth although, direct routes are available. Travel time is approximately 5 ½ hours with tickets ranging in price from £75 with an ‘early bird’ saver ticket. There are a number of websites which tickets can be booked through go or

As a tourist destination St. Ives (including Carbis bay) has a huge selection of accommodation depend upon budget and preference ranging from the heart of the town to more secluded rural spots.


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