Brass Monkeys Paddleboard & SUP Race Series Format


The series ethos is; “just for fun”, simplified categories and an opportunity to take on new challenges while meeting old friends and making new ones. In the spirit of the series we will be awarding a prize for the most improved paddler in each class over the three events plus, everyone who attends all three events will receive the coveted Brass Monkeys key fob!


Innovative format for all. Each race will take on a different theme both to enable new paddlers to progress and to challenge those already capable. Each event will have a novice, cruiser and racer class using whichever board they either have access to or feel is appropriate for the conditions on the day.

Each category is defined as follows:

  • Novice (4km) – limited previous paddling experience, capable of achieve 2km at a leisurely pace.
  • Cruiser (6km) – more extensive paddling experience, capable of achieving 4km (approx.) with sustained effort. Can paddle in moderate wind strength and perform a step back turn (pivot turn) reasonably successfully.
  • Race (8km) – may range from someone who has never raced before but enjoys a bit of cardio while paddling all the way through to the carbon board owner. Capable of consistently completing pivot turns and able to draft in windy conditions.
Stand up Paddleboard Race Series

All race distances will remain approximately the same throughout the series for each division, race format will change, however, course format will be adapted according to conditions on the day to best suit the majority of paddlers.

  • Race #1 distance: a looped course following the Stithians lake outline, each category will follow their respective race distance course
  • Race #2 last paddler standing: 500m looped course where back markers are eliminated until there are only four paddlers remaining vying for final podium places
  • Race #3 pursuit: just as in track cycling, a looped course, each category will be split randomly into two groups, starting and finishing at a central point paddlers will head in opposite direction around the same course. Each group can choose to collaborate and work together or simply take it on themselves to achieve their final placing.

Ready to Race Clinic

On race day we will be holding a 1-hour Ready to Race Clinic. Ideal if you have never raced before, this clinic covers:

  • race starts
  • bouy turns
  • paddle technique
  • race strategy

If you have raced before this is the ideal way to warm up and sharpen your skills on race day.
You can book your place on the “Ready to Race Clinic” when you book your entery into the race.

Race day timings

1100 – Ready to race paddle clinic
1300 – Event registration
1320 – Event briefing
1345 – Event start