What is SUP Fitness?

SUP Fitness is coming to Carbis Bay in 2015 and this is why you should get involved…

Stand Up Paddleboarding is known for being extremely versatile, appealing to a wide range of people from all walks of life. The health and fitness benefits of this sport are much talked about and SUPing is known to assist the body in increasing strength in both the upper and lower body, improving muscle tone, helping build core strength and create body awareness. For the mind and soul SUPing can provide relaxation and is a very effective de-stressor!

BUT do keep in mind the benefits that you receive will very much depend on how you use your board, and how much effort you put in. Meaning that if your goal is to have a 6 pack and bulging biceps or a svelte summer body you’re going to have to put the effort in.

Each discipline of Stand up Paddleboarding, whether it’s racing, surfing, down winders or cruising, will work the body slightly differently thus placing different demands on your body. Whatever your discipline Stand Up Paddleboarding can offer an all over body work out as it engages your entire body from your head to your toes – there are so many ways to improve your fitness and health from this awesome sport.

Whether you are a top end athlete looking to improve your sporting performance or a newbie looking for a different challenge or a new way to work out, SUP has it all and can offer something to everyone.

How to get paddling fit

To get the most out of your paddling and to achieve an effective all over workout a good paddle technique is of upmost importance. As we paddle to move the board forward through the water we rotate our hips and shoulders to enable us to place the paddle vertically. As the stroke develops we recoil are hips, release the paddle and repeat the process. All this whilst standing on an unstable platform, meaning our whole body from head to toe is working hard to keep our body balanced and paddling!

SUP Fitness Classes

Another way to get a great workout is by using the SUP to act as a balance trainer, creating a wobbly surface to carry out exercises on, and therefore having to work harder to perform each move. From a simple squat to a hard core push up the options are endless and performing the exercises on the water make it all the more interesting!

The key to keeping fit with a SUP is to put the effort in. As much as a gentle paddle will have some benefit, if you want to use it as a training tool and reap the benefits Stand Up Paddleboarding can offer, you need to push yourself and develop a training programme suitable to your goals. So why not choose a SUP event, set your goal, and use a SUP to get fit.

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