Following on from the success of last year’s Conker Competition, we are holding this year’s ConkerCom – the Carbis Bay Conker Championships – on Saturday the 19th of October. Held at the Ocean Sports Centre down on Carbis Bay Beach we will be aiming to start the event at 5.30pm.

ConkerCom is held to raise money for Ocean Sports Community, money raised will go towards specific junior club kit.

There is only one!

The event is just for fun (although, I am definitely going to win) and uses a round robin conker competition format, all vs. all, until there is only one! On the day we will randomly draw people so that everyone plays everyone, we will also provide conkers for you graded according to heft (See below), entry is £2 and conkers are available from 50 pence, all you need is string. Last year we had the mighty Bruce who took overall laurels. This year we will have an overall winner as well as a Junior winner. More can be found out about how each game is judged and played in our rules on the day.

We will be providing Conkers on the day but if you have your own please bring it along.

The winner of the Conker Competition will be crowned ConkerCom Champion.

Tongue in cheek fun, playing conkers and raising money for our club.
Open to all age groups, £2 to enter on the day.

Conkers of mass destruction will be available to buy graded according to size,

  • 50p mighty atom
  • 75p bone crusher
  • £1 dispenser of doom

Please bring your own shoe strings.

Open to all age groups, £2 to enter on the day.