St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup

The Celtic Cup is back on for 2017!

Full on action in Ski, OC, SUP and Prone boards plus, selection for the ISA World Champs

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Event Overview

  • Two day race format SUP & Prone paddle boards – JULY 8th (long course) & 9th (technical course)
  • Ultimate Paddler event
  • Club & Team overal point score
  • Family its a knockout fun races
  • Stand Up Paddle board 14ft, 12’6 & cruiser board categories
  • ISA World Championship Qualifier (SUP)
  • Ocean Ski
  • Prone Paddle board
  • Outrigger V6, OC1 & OC2
  • Paddle clinics
  • Club discount

Event Theme

The Ocean Sports Centre at Carbis Bay at the heart of ocean paddle sports in the UK. Having hosted Paddlefest as part of the British Ocean Ski series along with the International Celtic Cup, eight years on it is time, that Paddlefest had an update. 2017 will see a new course, new event format, club / team point score and will crown the Ultimate paddler; Ultimate Club / Team. Plus, family fun events with iKO (It’s a knockout) and Giant Paper Sizer Rock! What more could you want?

Our goal is to provide an imaginative and inclusive event that will show cases a variety of paddle sports providing a point of access to a broader participation base in the sport we all love. Plus, the Celtic Cup will be a national teams selection event in Stand Up Paddle and prone paddle board for the 2017 World Championships, to be hosted in Denmark.

The event can be broadly split into sun, sand and frolics in the ‘it’s a knockout’ (iKO), performance (paddling for a place or time) and participation (paddling to enjoy the challenge). We have scheduled the event format to enable local groups, schools and families to compete throughout Saturday afternoon in the very same disciplines, on or close to the shore as the competitive field, only on more stable, team focused fun events. Time away from home is minimised for those travelling to compete in the main event by cramming races within a 12 hour window, races are scheduled late afternoon on Saturday and early to mid-morning Sunday.

The Ultimate Paddle & Ultimate Club

While each race will have its own podium place, we will also crown the Ultimate paddler and Ultimate Club / team, as well as select national team athletes.

There can be only one! Irrelevant of sex here will only be one Ultimate paddler, with an ingenious scoring system both male and female have an equal chance of winning this coveted title based upon performances across distance and technical races. The Ultimate paddler will be awarded to individual performances racing in either the Elite or open categories. Ultimate club follows a similar scoring system across both distances; however, it will include results from all four club or team members in the race divisions.

Event Overview

iKO – Family Fun Races:

Five events, short, fun and fast. Total point score across all events Giant SUP Slalom, Kayak chaos Sprint (Sit-on-Top), Taplin relay, Beach flags and Last Man Standing! will determine iKO champions. Teams must be registered by 12:00PM for a 1:00PM start – all events will conclude by 4:00PM. Prize giving and BBQ will be held at 6PM along side the other racers.


Distance races for all paddle disciplines will start at 4:30PM leaving in waves separated by one minute (Ski, SUP, Outrigger and Prone). The Ultimate paddler will be awarded to male and female individuals who compete in both the distance and technical races (Ski, SUP OC and Prone).

Craft spec:

SUP’s will contest on either 12’6 or 14ft category. Only those competing on 12’6 boards will be eligible for worlds team selection. Cruiser class categories are unlimited in length.


Prone paddle boards will similarly contest either 12ft or 10’6 (surf life saving) board lengths. Only those competing in the 12ft board class will be eligible for worlds team selection. Ski is categorised as open racing on either ‘spec’ (surf life saving skis) or ocean ski derivatives.


To ensure everyone from a cruiser to elite and everything in between are catered for we will be providing two courses; an inside and outside course.  The new ‘Outside’ course will take paddlers around the ‘Island’ turning at Clodgey point; rounding the ‘Island’ for a second time paddlers will then head toward the ‘poles’ to ride waves along the estuary.  This is a challenging course for any paddler therefore, only the Elite and Open Categories will be eligible to race this course.

All Cruisers and younger age categories will complete the ‘Inside’ course where they will remain within the relatively calmer waters of the Bay and will not negotiate breaking waves.

Entry Fees

Category                         Distance       Entry

    • Elite (all craft inc. female & male)                              14k           £35
    • Open 18yrs +(all craft inc. female & male)               14k           £35
    • Prone Elite (female & male)                                         14k           £35
    • Cruiser Class (all craft female & male)                         7k           £20
    • Junior (all craft 17-18yrs female & male)                     7k            £15
    • Gromit (all craft 15-16yrs female & male)                    7k             £10
    • Club Group Booking *                                                                       £15 per person

* price per person minimum number of four people; maximum number ten with no more than one ‘Elite’ paddler. Technical event is included in the entry fee for all craft.

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Saturday 8th iKO & main distance course

iKO (It’s a knockout!)

  • 12:00pm Team registration
  • 1:00pm kayak chaos sprints
  • 1:45pm Giant SUP slalom
  • 2:30pm Taplin relay
  • 3:15pm Beach Flags
  • 4:00pm Last man standing

Distance race

  • 1430 Registration
  • 1600 Race Briefing
  • 1630 Race Start

Something for everyone. Each course will reflect a differing level of demand. From rounding the ‘Island’ and shooting the ‘Poles’ to enjoying the more tranquil surrounds of St’Ives bay. To reflect this, the racers are made up of elite, open and cruisers in all craft . Elite SUP and Prone paddle board competitors will be vying for selection to compete at the ISA World championships this year (Denmark Sept 6th). Open, are the best of the rest. Cruisers are there for the challenge, taking on something different and sharing it with others.

Both the start and finish will be held on the beach at Carbis Bay. Ultimately the direction of travel around the course will be dictated by the prevailing wind conditions to maximise the longest down wind route.

To maximise impact, both the 14ft and 12’6” and prone paddle board classes will start together. Although, starting together on the beach the field will be segregated with the 12’6” and prone paddle board class initially aiming for a wider turn buoy 400m from the start ensuring minimal interaction between the differing length boards (see figure 3 below).

We understand that paddling on the ocean for the first time or with little experience can be daunting at first, but an experience that should not be shied away from. Throughout the weekend we will providing workshops to help develop those skills in a welcoming and friendly manner. The Celtic Cup will help build upon your new found sense of ocean awareness and confidence with the emphasis upon fun and meeting new people. The cruiser class will provide a chance to watch the top paddlers blast off from the beach and will start one minute behind the main field cruising within the stunning St’Ives Bay. If conditions are a little bumpy, no problem, we will keep the 5km course within the sheltered headlands of Carbis Bay beach.

The Main Long Course Maps

fig1Elite and Open (all craft) will start from Carbis Bay (bottom right) and head straight for  St’Ives Harbour rounding Porthminster point making their way toward St’Ives. Competitors will then make their way past the ‘Island’ toward Clodgy point (far left) turn and head for the ‘poles’!

fig2After making the deep water turn around ‘Clodgy’ (far left) competitors will pass back round the ‘Island’ again and make the long down wind leg toward the ‘Poles’ (far right); a wave that breaks up to 200m+ down a tidal estuary. Competitors will turn and head back out without having to confront breaking waves and straight toward Carbis Bay Beach to finish.


Single and double ski competitors will follow the same starting procedure as the SUP paddlers. Elite & Open single ski and 14ft competitors will start on the left side of the start line taking an inside line round the headland. Double ski and 12’6 Elite and Open boards will start on the far right and will round a marker buoy before heading toward St’Ives harbour.


Cruiser class will follow the main field of competitors toward St’Ives harbour and turn around the same marker buoy (far left). Once around the turn paddlers will make their way back to the far left hand side of Carbis bay turning at Hawkes point (bottom right). The finish line will be in the middle of the beach.


If conditions are not suitable for the whole field paddlers will remain within the sheltered headlands of Carbis Bay and will complete two laps of the course.

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SUNDAY July 9TH  Technical

  • 9:00AM Technical registration & heat draw
  • 10:00AM Heats (all craft)
  • 10:45AM Semi-final (all craft)
  • 11:30AM Grand final Ski
  • 11:45 Grand final OC
  • 12:00PM Grand final prone board
  • 12:30PM Grand final SUP
  • 1:30PM Ultimate Club & Individual Paddler award

This is going to frenetic! We will hold heats, semi-finals and a Grand final for all craft categories simultaneously. Technical Racing will be over a double ‘M’ shaped course for all boards and an inverse ‘L’ for all other craft using a heat, semi-final and Grand final for all craft. Heats will be randomly drawn from entrants of the previous day’s distance race. The number of heats and how many go through will be dependent upon the number of people. Course length will be approximately 10 – 15 minutes in length. Male and Female will race separately as will SUP and prone board classes.

This is a selection event for SUP and prone to represent Team England at this years ISA World championships in Denmark (Sept 6th). Once the more serious stuff is over with competitors will have the opportunity to demo leading suppliers equipment or sign up to ocean skills paddle clinics in Ski and SUP (advanced clinic booking required).


General Information


To view the Google map or use Google Street map to tour the area – click here

– Carbis Bay Hotel Beach Car Park:  A daily rate applies. Parking right next to the beach. Very busy during high season (Street map Link)

– Carbis Bay Branch Line Train Station Car Park – a small pay and display car park with a capacity of 20 cars close to the beach (Street map Link)

– Porthrepta Road Council Car Park – up a steep hill from the beach, room for 200 cars, pay and display. Charge applies (Street map Link)

– St Anta Church: On Porthrepta Road, during peak weeks, offers car parking for a small charge per day (Street map Link)




Road links are very good to St’Ives with several options to choose from generally routes from London will either take the slightly less direct motorway option via the M4 and M5 or the more scenic A303 taking you past Stonehenge and the stunning Dorset coastline – both options ultimately converge with the A30 (the main road into Cornwall) at Exeter. Travel time from London (288 miles) can take as little as 4hrs 34 min, airport routes listed above range from Brighton (5hrs 36 min), Cardiff (3hrs 54 min), Bristol (3hrs 30 min) Exeter (1hr 54 min) and Newquay (45 mins).


Departing London Paddington to Penzance – changes often occur at Reading, Exeter and Plymouth although, direct routes are available. Travel time is approximately 5 ½ hours with tickets ranging in price from £75 with an ‘early bird’ saver ticket. There are a number of websites which tickets can be booked through go; or

As a tourist destination St. Ives (including Carbis bay) has a huge selection of accommodation depend upon budget and preference ranging from the heart of the town to more secluded rural spots.


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For more information about accommodation or St. Ives try these two sites:

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