GoFoil IWA & M280 Foil Set

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This two wing set up is an ideal package to get into foiling or those wanting to expanding their foiling range from small to medium waves through to downwind classics.



This double front wing set is ideal for the first time rider or for someone who wants to expand their foiling into medium surf or downwind. The M280 is perfect as a first wing, giving maximum low speed lift, perfect for the first timer. When you want to down wind it becomes a different beast and excels in light to moderate wind for early lift and maximum glide. Combined with the IWA this package opens up a whole world of foiling possibilities enabling riders to foil in small to medium surf making tight ‘snowboard’ like carves.

GoFoil are market leaders and one of the best hydrofoils money can buy. A fused Lightweight fuselage and mast with detachable wings which float, giving even more lift onto the smallest of ocean bumps and lumps.

The GoFoil features a square Tuttle box head which needs a Tuttle box fitted into the board. Alternatively you can purchase a Tuttle to Plate adapter to use these foils with US track mounts fitted into the board (the most common fitting).

IMPORTANT NOTE – each wing is made specific to a mast so additional wings cannot be purchased at a later date. If you do not have a tutle box system you will need a conversion plate, also available but sold separately.

Maliko 280

Designed for downwind riding for heavier weight riders, or as a foil to go on anything.  This foil can basically be ridden without waves by flat water pumping. Incredible size it feels like your walking down the beach with a whale attached to your board ….Ultimate glide in the slightest bit of ocean bump or crest of an unbroken wave.


The easiest and safest mast to learn on in the Gofoil line. This mast is easier to control and is for the tide conscious rider looking to rider in shallow waters.

The Tuttle head will need to be paired with a tuttle to plate adapter if the board you are looking at has US boxes.

Construction: Pre Preg Carbon Fibre built in an autoclave providing strength and light weight.



  • 100% carbon pre-preg skins with epoxy polymer hybrid core, integral cone connection for maximum strength, all cured at 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.


  • Significant reinforcements: solid carbon at the wing tips, leading edge and trailing edge for robust durability when handling on the beach and installing the wings.
  • High strength / weight ratio which means the wings float!
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.



  • 100% pre-preg carbon fiber laid up in a solid monolithic structure, cured to 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.​


  • 24.5 and fuselage


  • 1700cm2


  • 42″  – 2800cm2
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